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Dr. Ashish Juneja is an entrepreneur and the founder of Independent Business Hub. As an Independent Business DIY coach, he loves to help people launch their profitable Business Online. 

Welcome to my Personal Page.

I am Doctorate In Economics, an HR professional turned Entrepreneur and Digital Sales funnel Coach.

As a founder of Independent Business Hub, I am on a mission to help 100K people launch their online profitable business, creating an impact on this world through Mindset, Knowledge, and action. Join the Independent Business Mastermind community. 

Do you want to launch your Profitable Business Independently?

As an Online Business Coach learning from various Indian and International Mentors.. I have created a formula (IEBM) where you can launch and promote your business online and earn profitable revenue. 

I have coached hundreds of Students into the journey where I feel you want to be independent. The journey where you could create, sell your products, services and build your Personal Brand through Social Media. 

I am also the founder of Freedom Life Ventures and Digital Mukund, an agency for Digital and Social Media marketing. 

Working on various projects, I’m Teach, Coach, Trainer by heart, father of 2 boys, husband to a loving wife, human first, blogger, and content creator.

My mission is to help 100K people launch their Profitable Business Online and build their personal brand outline the power of social media. 

Follow me on Twitter – @iashishjuneja, Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashishjuneja/ and Instagram @iashishjuneja


✅ Content Writing

✅ Content Marketing

✅ Online Business Launch

✅ Content Planning

✅ Info Product Creation

✅ Workshop Sales

✅ Online Course Design

✅ Organic Traffic Straiges

✅ Social Media Branding,

✅ Digital Sales Funnel

✅ Website Creation

✅ Email Marketing

✅ Digital Consulting

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Hi, I am Dr. Ashish Juneja. I am HR professional turned Entrepreneur and Independent Business Coach. I am on a mission to help 100,000 people launch their profitable Online Business. this podcast has a deep one-to-one talk with you on Online Business, Marketing, Productivity, Life Hacks, and the concepts that you might be thinking. I am a human at heart with the core spark of “Independent Business” to help you create that and take a quantum leap in every aspect of your life. Thanks for being here. I am thankful to you for staying connected. 

Hi, I’m Sidz. I’m a college drop-out and a “musician turned social media geek”. I build businesses online and on a mission to help 100,000 people live the freedom lifestyle. The purpose of this podcast is to have a heart-to-heart talk with you on marketing & life concepts that most people won’t speak out on. My core intention is to spark that “fire of freedom” in the core of your heart so that you to go out there, take massive action and get massive results in every aspect of your life. Thanks for being here. Let’s stay connected.

Do you want to monetize your knowledge with no technical skills?

As an eLearning Business Expert and years of experience, I have created a formula to convert your knowledge into income by utilizing the current stock of knowledge

I have students whom I am mentoring on the journey to being INDEPENDENT, where many are in turning the systems into a machine with work from a home office. 

I am an educator, teacher, trainer, content marketer, and Human Resource enthusiast i.e. wearing multiple hats. I build scalable digital Sales Funnels for coaches, trainers, and Businesses. 

I am the father of two lovely boys, husband to a loving and motivating wife, action taker at heart, and spiritualist. I love doing blogging, Video marketing and even doing podcasting. 

I am on a mission to help 100000 people monetize their existing stock of knowledge from their home office and convert that into a beautiful mission. 

An entrepreneur and educator at heart, I have quite a rich experience in teaching, training, Human Resource Management, and Entrepreneurship

My eventual goal is to keep the passion of educating people, organizations, students, and entrepreneurs to achieve success in their chosen field. 

Follow me on Twitter – @iashishjuneja, and Instagram – @iashishjuneja.


✅ eLearning

✅ Digital Coaching

✅ Digital Tribe Building

✅ Info Product Creation

✅ Webinar Selling

✅ Digital Course Design

✅ Video Marketing

✅ Funnel Building

✅ Digital Sales Conversions

✅ Email Marketing

✅ Digital Consulting

✅ Speaking 

✅ Content Creation