The King in the olden times had a court where people from different streams and ranks sat next to the king. Every day something was brought to the king. At times it was an issue to resolve, other times it was the day-to-day working and the process. At times there were recreational activities too.

The king would silently listen to everything and give judgments.

There were two actions from the King

  1. Listening
  2. Speaking

Whatever the king was listening to was a piece of content. Whatever the king was speaking was a piece of content. That piece of content at times became the declaration / official order.

Taking the above analogy as a creator – resembling yourself as a content factory – The following writeup can be helpful for you to create meaningful work for your audience.

We are in a golden age and you are living the golden age. You have seen overnight Tiktok stars. At times you might be wondering how could that person become the Tiktok star overnight?

Have you asked this question – content is king why? Because One piece of content with exciting emotions that people love sharing becomes viral and you are a star.

I have no current authority to share how to be a star overnight. Nor I am going to talk about how to go viral across platforms. My only interest here is to write about how to create content that sells.

Your king – you have power and the rights of the king. This might not be acceptable but let us consider it for a meanwhile.

How to create content that Sells?

why content is king

1. Create something that draws attention

Let me share two instances from the kingdom.

1st Announcement “Listen, listen listen. The king has announced a luxurious meal for all the people of the kingdom.”

2nd Announcement when the king is entering the court “With due respect, grace, and power, his majesty – King Attri is coming to the hall.”

Hooks are the basics to draw attention. Every work of yours be it audio, video, or written should announce your content to the reader. The headlines are the hooks that will pull your readers/listener/watchers towards your content.

2. Write the appealing story as if coming from an authority

Whenever you are sharing something, share as if it is coming from the authority. If you are the authority in your domain – what would you share?

If there is someone out there as an authority in the domain – what he/she would share? Play the part of the other person i.e. the perceived authority in the space.

Act the part of the other person who you want to be. One question to ask yourself – “what is one small process/step I can share in my content that becomes valuable for my audience?”

3. Who is the consumer?

As a content creator, you need to define the consumer of your product. Some resources call it customer Avatar, other people define it as your audience. In other places, you will find it as a Niche. Whatever concept you believe in, define and decide for whom you are creating your work. Who is the consumer of your work? How your brilliant piece of work is going to help your consumer? Ask yourself.

You can create a piece of work for which there is no consumer – which is nearly impossible at the present digital golden age but still, it will have low impact. If you create a piece of content that you love and like but there is no value in the market it might not get into the masses.

I will recommend the book IKIGAI here for you to define your core mission/purpose.

For simplicity, you should be sharing where your knowledge, market value, and interest coincide.

For example – you know about stock trading, investing, getting better at relationships, and cryptocurrency. You have interests in stock trading and investing. Observing the various forums and markets you can see that stock trading is a valuable skill. Now stock trading becomes one core area about which you can talk because you have knowledge, skill, and interest in that area. Start writing and speaking about that. Create something for people on the topic.

Broadly you are helping people who want to make money using stock trading or sitting at home.

Your audience is the market that is interested to learn stock trading and investing to make money from home.

You can still segregate your audience further which at this stage might not be required but at a later stage, it will become essential. For example, it could be stock trading for housewives, stock trading for working professionals, stock trading for students, and stock trading for the unemployed.

4. What is the consumer going to get?

Remember all announcements of King came with some declaration/law or announcement as the state’s notification. Whatever the king declared became the law of the state.

You have shared the words with your audience. You hooked and grabbed the interest in your creation. Your story gave your consumer the input. Now, what should the client do to get closer to his goal?

How can the consumer of your work get closer to the goal he/she has set? Do you have a workshop to train him/her for the same? Do you want him /her to be part of your tribe? Do you want him/her to subscribe to your newsletter / social media channel?

Do you have an eBook to help them get closer to the goal? Whatever is your final declaration as the king. Till now you have given value. Your audience has received value. Will your consumer receive value if he/she subscribes to your course, channel, email newsletter, or anything else? This will close the loop and help him/ her carry on with the journey.

This will help you also as the content marketer to keep producing your kings to announce and declare your presence. People say your content is the salesforce. I say “My content is the king that announces and gives official verdicts.”

What do you say?